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Please read the following terms and conditions and indicate your acceptance at the end before proceeding to the online banking login. Thank you for choosing Carver State Bank."

Please read and accept the Carver State Bank Online Banking Terms and Conditions Agreement to continue to the Carver State Bank Online Banking Enrollment Form.

The Carver State Bank Online Banking Service is available to all of our customers at no monthly charge for the account information and transfer services. The Bill Payment feature is an optional service for checking accounts. You must specifically request this service on the Enrollment Form. If you do not choose the Bill Payment service at this time, you may add it at any time by sending us authorization through the mail or by calling us at (912) 233-9971.

General Information:
This Online Banking Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between you and Carver State Bank, that outlines and governs the Terms an Conditions for accessing your personal accounts via Carver State Bank’s Online Banking service. This Agreement explains the terms and conditions which govern the following Online Banking Services:

  • Account and Balance Inquiries
  • Account Transfers
  • Transaction Downloads

Bill Pay Transfer:
This Agreement also includes and incorporates the disclosures required by the Electronic Fund Transfers Act (15 USC 1693 et seq.) This Agreement applies only to the Carver State Bank Online Banking Service. Other electronic funds transfers to or from your accounts at Carver State Bank are governed by the Electronic Fund Transfer Disclosure provided to you when you established your account or when you requested other electronic funds transfer services.

In order to use Carver State Bank’s Online Banking service, you must accept these terms and conditions. By clicking on the “I Agree” button at the end of this Agreement, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement and acknowledge your receipt and understanding of this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully and print a copy for your records. This agreement is governed by federal laws and regulations and, to the extend not preempted by federal laws and regulations of the State of Georgia.

Consumer Accounts:
Some of the terms set forth in this Agreement, as specified in this Agreement apply only to Consumer Accounts. A “Consumer Account” is an account held by a natural and is used primarily for personal, family, or household purposes.

Business Days: The term “Business Day” means Monday through Friday, excluding federal banking holidays.

Accessing Your Accounts, Security and Your Responsibilities

Password and Login Security: Security is very important to Carver State Bank. In order to activate your Online Banking service, you must have at least one checking, savings, certificate of deposit, or loan account with Carver State Bank. When you login to the service for the first time, you will use your Access Code and your temporary password which will be issued to you when we receive your Enrollment Form. You will then be prompted to choose a new password. Because your password is used to access your accounts, you should treat it as you would any other sensitive personal data. You should carefully select a password that is hard to guess. Keep your password safe. Memorize your password and never tell it to any one. You should not, under any circumstances disclose your password by telephone, or to any one claiming to represent Carver State Bank. Bank employees do not need and should not ask for your password.

Carver State Bank is entitled to act on instructions received through Online Banking under your password and without inquiring into the identity of the person using that password. Any person having access to your Carver State Bank Online Banking password will be able to access the Online Banking services and perform all transactions, including reviewing account information and making transfers to other accounts which have mutual ownership. You are liable for all transactions made by persons authorized to use your password.

If, despite the Bank’s advice, you give your password to any one, you do so at your own risk, since any one to whom you give your password or other means of access will have full access to your account(s) even if you attempt to limit that person’s authority.

Once you log in as a first time user: you will be required to change the initial access ID and password and select an access ID and password known only to you.
  • The Access ID you select may be any combination of alpha/numeric characters, from six (6) to sixteen (16) digits.
  • The password criteria is as follows:
    • Minimum password length is 6
    • Maximum password length is 16
  • Passwords are case-sensitive (must be entered exactly as inputted with upper and/or lower case characters).
  • Passwords can be changed at any time by the accountholder, and by any other person to whom the accountholder provides the password, through the Carver State Bank Online Banking Service.

If you suspect that an unauthorized person has access to your password or believe your password has been lost or stolen, or that someone may attempt to use the service without your consent, or has transferred funds without your permission, you must notify Carver State Bank immediately. See Part VI of this Agreement for additional information relating to liability for unauthorized transactions and error resolutions.

Your session time is unlimited, but to help prevent unauthorized access and ensure the security of your accounts, we will end your online session if we have detected no activity for 15 minutes. This is to protect you in case you accidentally leave your computer unattended after you log in. When you return to your computer, you will be prompted to re-enter your password and your session will continue.

Your Rights and Responsibilities: In addition to this Agreement, you agree to be bound by and comply with the Account Agreement and Account Disclosure, the rules and regulations of the electronic transfer system, and state and federal laws and regulations. You, the consumer, are responsible for keeping your online password and account data confidential. We are entitled to act on transaction instructions received using your password, and you agree that the use of your password will have the same effect as your signature, authorizing the transaction(s). If you authorize other persons to use your password in any manner, your authorization will be considered unlimited in amount and manner until you have notified us in writing, that you have revoked the authorization, changed your password, and that you are responsible for any transactions made by such persons until such time as we receive and have time to act upon the notification that transfers by that person, or instructions regarding your accounts, are no longer authorize.

Online Services and Limitations

Available Services: You may use your personal computer to

  • View account balances and transaction history;
  • Transfer funds from your Carver State Bank checking and savings accounts into
    • Other Carver State Bank checking and savings accounts that belong to you;
    • Loan accounts
  • Establish automatic transfers from one of your Carver State Bank accounts to another
    • (from checking and savings to checking, savings or loans);
  • Through Options at Online Bill Payment, pay bills to any merchant, institution, or individual with a U. S. mailing address; and
  • Communicate directly with Carver State Bank via e-mail.

Other services may be added to Carver State Bank’s Online Banking service and will be communicated to our customers as the additions are made.

Hours of Accessibility:
You may access Carver State Bank’s Online Banking service seven days a week, 24 hours per day. Necessary system maintenance will be scheduled for hours during which system traffic is normally at a minimum. If the system is unavailable due to an unanticipated problem, you may use the automated telephone voice response system (Telebanc), or one of our ATM machines during regular business hours, to conduct transactions.

Balance and Transaction Information:
Account balances and activity is current information. Funds transferred between related accounts initiated on your computer using Carver State Bank Online banking and received by the bank before 2:00 p.m. EST on a Business Day will be effective on that Business Day, or on any non-Business Day, will be effective the following Business Day.

Unavailable, Delayed, or Inaccurate Account Information:
We strive to provide complete, accurate and timely account information through Carver State Bank Online Banking; However, unless otherwise required by aw, we will not be liable to you if any such information is unavailable, delayed or inaccurate. With respect to electronic funds transfers, the extent of our liability is described in Part VI of this Agreement.

Limits on Frequency and Amount of Transfers:
Federal regulations require us to limit either by contract or in practice the number of certain types of transfers from Money Market deposit accounts and savings accounts. Under these regulations, you are limited to six (6) pre-authorized electronic funds transfers each month, including telephone transfers, Online Bill Payment, checks, and point-of-sale transactions. Of these transactions, you are limited to no more than three transactions per month by check or point-of-sale. Payments to your Carver State Bank loan accounts are not counted toward this limit. Subject to availability of funds in your designated accounts.

Service Cancellation: Carver State Bank reserves the right to cancel your online service at any time without notice due to insufficient funds one or more of your accounts. After cancellation, service may be reinstated at the discretion of the bank provided that funds are available to cover the cost of any fees and/or pending transfers. To reinstate your service, contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at (912) 233-9971.

If you wish to cancel your Carver State Bank Online Banking services, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives or send us cancellation instructions in writing, to: Carver State Bank, Attention: Customer Service, P. O. Box 2769, Savannah, GA 31402.

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