Development Programs

Carver State Bank has initiated a series of development services designed to assist individuals in the community with building better futures for themselves and their families. These services include: Second Chance Checking Accounts; Credit Rebuilder Loans; and Individual Development Accounts.

Second Chance Checking

Second Chance Checking Accounts are available to individuals who have mismanaged bank accounts in the past, but are deserving of a second chance. Some hardworking individuals are unable to open bank accounts. Now, Carver will permit them to do so.

Credit Rebuilder Loan Program

The Credit Rebuilder Loan Program is designed for individuals who want to start a savings program by borrowing the funds and making regular monthly payments. After the loans are reduced or paid off, the participants will be able to withdraw the savings and hopefully, have a good payment history as well.

Credit Counseling

In addition to Carver’s in-house counseling, we will work closely with the Economic Opportunity Authority and other agencies in the areas of credit counseling and first-time homebuyer training.

Individual Development Account

Carver has partnered with the City of Savannah and the Economic Opportunity Authority to establish the Individual Development Account Program to help low-income individuals and families become small business owners, and graduates of post-secondary education programs.

Individual program participants must agree to open a savings account at Carver State Bank and deposit a minimum of $20.00 per month and a maximum of $50.00 per month. Upon completion of the program requirements, the total deposits of the participant(s) will be matched 4 to 1 by funds from the City of Savannah.